EZ Air Deluxe PAPR

Our EZ Air Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with X81V lens is a complete particulate system intended for industrial applications where combined respiratory, eye and face protection is required. It is a motorized, Lithium-ion battery operated system that provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air over the user’s face. At an APF level of 25, it creates an optimal protective pressure inside the respirator head top keeping away particulates (dust, steel, manganese, stainless steel, chromium, galvanized steel, cadmium, lead and ozone*). Recommended applications are welding, assembly, facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, painting and sanding. Suggested industries include automotive, food and beverage, general manufacturing, metal production and fabrication, military maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) and transportation. Complies with ANSI Z87.1+ for face-shield/eye protection. NIOSH approved Complete PAPR assembly includes welding shield w/ ADF lens, downtube w/ FR cover, blower, battery, waist belt, charger, flow tester, HEPA filter and storage bag.

Part Number
9935-BHTX81VWelding Headtop Only
9935-BLWEZ Air PAPR Bower Assembly
9935-DLXComplete PAPR assembly includes welding shield w/ X81V lens, downtube w/ FR cover, blower, battery, charger, flow tester, waist belt, HEPA filter and storage bag
9935-DLXE(For International Charging)

9935-FILReplacement HEPA Filter for EZ Air PAPR Blower Assembly
9935-X81VReplacement ADF Lens Kit

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